Browser extension for fast tab-switching

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Having a lot of tabs open can get annoying. Not necessarily because you're losing track of them, but because they don't fit on your screen anymore. With tabby, you can search for the tabs you know are there!

Super quick.

Switching between tabs can take less than a second. Just press the shortcut, type in some letters, and hit enter.

Workflow enhancement.

Searching with a few simple keystrokes is already possible in a lot of other software. For example, you can search files in text editors and IDEs or use Spotlight in macOS. tabby adds this functionality to your browser.


Thanks to fuzzy-search, tabby shows you as many results as possible, with the most relevant always at the top. That means egregious mistakes can often lead to the correct result.


In addition to the light mode, tabby also has a cool dark mode that you can either select yourself or have it change automatically, depending on the theme of your system. There are also several icons to choose from.


Protecting your privacy and the security of your account and data is important! Tabby has no ads, no analytics, no trackers, and doesn't use cookies. More importantly, tabby does not send or receive data from a user's account or device. All preferences, like language, theme, and icon, are either stored locally or are managed and synchronized by your browser.