Hi, I’m Julian,
Code and Comic Human from Berlin.

You can find me on Twitter, Github and Spotify.
Or have a look at some of my projects below.




Platform designed to simplify searching amongst large quantities of videos and images in a stylish interface.


Pretends to be Drawing

Web-Comic about social-media, society, bricks, bad jokes, good jokes and everything else I come up with during the day.



Web-App that displays the menus of Berlin's student canteens in a modern and filterable way.

You can receive location-based recommendations, select dietary preferences, and have your favorite meals highlighted.

Screenshot of M, which shows that it is possible to highlight certain meals.
Screenshot of M, which shows a personalized overview of all mensas.



For most of my projects I need icons. Usually pretty common ones, sometimes unique for what I want to do. That's why I've created my own set of icons so that I have a good base which I can extend without having to worry about inconsistencies.


Comic Export-Tool

When I'm done with a comic, I have a bunch of pictures which need different formats, layouts and sizes depending on where I want to upload them. This tool is taking a lot of that repetitive work off my hands.

A horizontally arranged comic which was exported by the tool.
The same comic, this time vertically arranged.