Hi, I’m Julian,
Code and Comic Human from Berlin.

You can find me on Twitter, Github and Spotify.
Or have a look at some of my projects below.




A Platform to upload videos, images and GIFs so that they can be archived and organized to be found more easily.


Pretends to be Drawing

Web-Comic about social-media, society, bricks, bad jokes, good jokes and everything else I come up with during the day.



A web-app which lists the menus of Berlin’s student cafeterias. The various configuration options not only help to sort the menus according to your personal taste or food allergies but also to highlight favorite meals.

Screenshot of M, which shows that it is possible to highlight certain meals.
Screenshot of M, which shows a personalized overview of all mensas.



For most of my projects I need icons. Usually pretty common ones, sometimes unique for what I want to do. That's why I've created my own set of icons so that I have a good base which I can extend without having to worry about inconsistencies.


Comic Export-Tool

When I'm done with a comic, I have a bunch of pictures which need different formats, layouts and sizes depending on where I want to upload them. This tool is taking a lot of that repetitive work off my hands.

A horizontally arranged comic which was exported by the tool.
The same comic, this time vertically arranged.