Hi, I’m Julian,
Code and Comic Human from Berlin.

You can find me on Twitter, Github and Spotify.
Or have a look at some of my projects below.


Pretends to be Drawing

Web-Comic about social-media, society, bricks, bad jokes, good jokes and everything else I come up with during the day.


Portal 2D

A 2D remake of the Portal games from Valve, made with the Godot-Engine.

Alongside fifty user-defined textures and more than fourteen unique test elements programmed for the game, the calculations and logic around the portals are the most exciting features of this project.

Various assets from Portal 2D



Web-App that displays the menus of Berlin's student canteens in a modern and filterable way.

You can receive location-based recommendations, select dietary preferences, and have your favorite meals highlighted.

Screenshot of M, which shows that it is possible to highlight certain meals.
Screenshot of M, which shows a personalized overview of all mensas.



Platform designed to simplify searching amongst large quantities of videos and images in a stylish interface.