Figma plugin to manage your themes, that makes sense and is safe to delete

Although Figma is a great tool in many ways one feature that is dearly missing is managing and applying themes. Theming is essential to a lot of applications, most have at least a light and dark mode.

Makes sense

Atlas is designed to work well with Figma's styling system and established forward-slash naming scheme, thus fitting in well with your workflow and existing documents. It's designed to feel like an addition to Figmas UI rather than an external tool.

Safe to delete

Many plugins save a lot of state about your themes that are lost when you decide not to use them anymore. Atlas saves minimal information about your Themes so you can delete it safely without any hassle.

Works with teams

Although Figma plugins cannot scan for styles beyond a local document, you can generate and export Maps to use them in other documents, making working with team styles possible.

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